Defensive Weapon Training

Prerequisite(s): Intelligence 13 or higher, fighter level 12

You know how to defend yourself against a certain class of weaponry.

  • Choose a melee weapon type (swords, axes, hammers, etc). You gain a +2 bonus on Armor Class when an opponent attacks you using this type of weapon.
  • When you are wielding a weapon of your chosen type and you are attacked in melee, as a reaction you can give your attacker disadvantage on their attack roll. If they are attacking you with your chosen weapon type and you are fighting with the same weapon type, you can use this reaction each round. If they are wielding any other type of melee weapon and you use this ability, you cannot use this ability again until you complete a short rest.
  • You can select this feat more than once. Its effects do not stack. Each time you select this feat, it applies to a different weapon group.
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