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Diehard (General)

You have reserves of endurance far beyond those of normal people. You gain the following benefits:

  • You have advantage on Constitution checks to avoid exhaustion, hold your breath, march for hours without rest, go without sleep, survive without food or water or avoid temporary damage (when applicable).
  • When you are reduced to zero hit points, you have advantage on Death Saves. In addition, you need only succeed at two Death Saves to stabilize.
  • When you are reduced to zero hit points, you can choose to remain conscious and continue fighting rather than falling unconscious. However, you are at disadvantage on all attacks, checks and saves while in this state and you must still make Death Saves to stabilize. Your Death Saves are neither advantaged nor disadvantaged, as the two conditions cancel one another out. In addition, if you take damage while in this state, you immediately fall unconscious and are treated as though you had failed two Death Saves just as if you had taken damage while unconscious.
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