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Efficient Artisan

Prerequisite(s): Proficiency with at least one type of artisan’s tools

Your efficient hands have completed so many works that you could almost perform your craft in your sleep. When you spend a day of downtime to craft an item related to your specialty, you can craft one or more items with a total market value of 10 gp or less; you must still expend raw materials worth half the total market value. If something you want to craft has a market value greater than 10 gp, you make progress every day in 10-gp increments until you reach the market value of the item.

Alternately, given just a couple of hours, which can be part of a long rest, you can craft crude but functional versions of simple items related to your specialty, as shown on the table below. Items crafted this way are fragile and have only half their normal hit points. You must have the appropriate artisan’s tools and enough raw materials.

Artisan’s Tools Crude Crafting
Alchemist’s supplies Healing salves (replenishes 1d4 uses of a healer’s kit); one dose of weak basic poison (save DC 8)
Calligrapher’s supplies 2d6 ink pens; 1d4 ounces of ink; 1d3 sheets of cloth paper
Carpenter’s tools One crude sled or raft; one makeshift shelter for up to 6 Medium creatures
Cook’s utensils 2d4 days’ rations; 1d3 pints of oil
Fletcher’s tools One shortbow; 3d4 arrows or bolts
Leatherworker’s tools One suit of padded armor; one pouch or sack
Smith’s tools One dagger, club, or spear; one grappling hook or horseshoe; 1d4 iron spikes or pitons
Tinker’s tools One dagger; 2d4 sling bullets; one lamp
Weaver’s tools One blanket; one set of common clothes; bandages (replenishes 1d4 uses of a healer’s kit)
Woodcarver’s tools One shield; one ladder; 2d4 torches

Other items might be possible using these or other tool proficiencies. In general, only simple items normally costing 1 gp or less should be permitted, and only if it seems reasonable that a crude version could be crafted by a highly skilled artisan in a couple of hours.

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