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Erudite Feaster

Prerequisite(s): Psychic Feast trait, ability to cast spells

When you feast on a dead body, you gain enhanced knowledge from its remains.

You gain the following benefits:

  • You can maintain three additional insights from your Psychic Feast trait.
  • If you use your Psychic Feast trait to consume a spellcaster’s remains, you can absorb a bit of its lingering power to augment your own. If the body is less than 100 years old, instead of gaining a skill insight from the corpse, you can gain a spell known that the creature knew or had prepared in life if it is on your class list and is of a spell level you can cast. If the body is over 100 years old, you can gain an additional spell of a different level in place of a second insight.

Spells gained in this way don’t count against your number known. If you prepare spells, you can instead prepare the spell without counting it against the number you can prepare normally.

If you are a wizard, the spell is immediately prepared without scribing, and while it is prepared you can scribe it into your spellbook as if you were replacing a lost spellbook.

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