Expel Spirits

Prerequisite(s): Requires proficiency in Religion and a holy symbol

When Turn Undead or the dispel evil and good spell are unavailable or inadequate, other measures may be required to end a possession. To do so, a character must make a series of checks with a DC determined by how tenacious the possession is.

The character makes three checks: Intelligence (Religion), Wisdom (Religion), and a special Charisma check that has a bonus equal to a roll of the character’s largest Hit Die (this roll doesn’t spend that die). The DC for each of the checks is determined by the possessing creature’s CR + 1d6 + 10. Generate a separate DC for each one. If the character succeeds on two or more checks, the possession ends, and any spirit present is driven out and away as if by a cleric’s Turn Undead. If the character fails on two or more, the possession becomes entrenched, and any further attempts to expel the possessing spirit automatically fail for the next 24 hours. Allies can use the Help action to assist, but they may have to contend with any complications. Intimate knowledge of the possessing spirit or demon, such as a true name or hidden secret, could potentially provide advantage on one of the checks.

Complications. Possessions are challenging under the best of circumstances. A creature that doesn’t want to give up its host will most likely retaliate against those performing the ritual as well as anyone else present. After each check is made, roll a d6 and consult the Possession Complications table to see what complications characters might have to deal with. If a complication calls for a saving throw or skill check, the DC is the same as the previous check.

Possession Complications

d6 Complication
1 Doors and windows slam open and shut while furniture and other loose items fly around the area.
2 Candles, torches, and any other open flames or flammable materials flare with intense heat, catching fire and potentially spreading.
3 Every creature present, including the possessed creature, if any, must make a Constitution saving throw or gain one level of exhaustion.
4 One present character at random must make a Wisdom saving throw or fall under the effect of a bestow curse spell. The curse lasts for a week or until re-moved by remove curse or similar magic.
5 The possession moves to another creature or area and requires a successful Wisdom (Perception) check to locate.
6 No complication.
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