Fantasfunglet Liana

Prerequisite(s): Fantasfunglet

You have learned to exert a limited form of control over the rhizoid liana hanging from your body. You gain the following benefits:

  • You gain the ability to use the plentiful liana extending from your body to perform fine manipulations. You may use your liana to manipulate objects 10 feet beyond your reach, including using skills. Since your liana have significant tactile finesse, you may even manipulate objects you cannot see. You gain blindsight 10 feet and extend liana to manipulate objects in tight holes, around corners, etc.
  • So long as you have at least two surfaces no farther than your reach + your liana’s 10 feet apart to bounce against, you can ricochet your body from one to the next. Once on a new wall, you can fall slowly for 20 feet and before bounding across again, allowing you to fall any distance indefinitely.
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