Green Ooze

Oozes, sometimes known as jellies or slimes, are strange amorphous creatures that dwell underground in natural caverns and forgotten tunnels. Green oozes do not exist in nature, but are grown by alchemists and wizards. With small culture samples from other oozes, a skilled alchemist can create green ooze, a synthetic hybrid of potent acidity. Such creatures are kept as writhing green masses, held within glass alchemy flasks. These oozes cannot survive long outside the sterile environment of their container and rapidly consume themselves, dissolving in a matter of minutes, when exposed to the outside elements.

Clean Destruction. The acidic properties of green ooze are not without their merits. While most mundane alchemists can distill vials of acid, only the most skilled can produce green ooze. The substance is highly valued by master thieves who use the ooze to melt locks, traps, and doors. Even more unsavory members of the underground have been known to use green ooze to dispose of bodies and other evidence of their crimes.

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