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Healing Thoughts

The myconaut emphatically absorbs damage or certain conditions from those around them.

Prerequisite(s): Myconaut

Benefit(s): As an action, the myconaut can spend two Hit Dice to remove one condition or heal a creature adjacent to it. Use the result of the spent Hit Dice as the healing amount. This removes one of the following conditions: blinded, deafened, exhaustion (one level), or poisoned. As a result, the condition no longer affects the patient but instead afflicts the myconaut. (The myconaut’s condition immunities, if any, still apply). All other effects remain the same, such as the duration of the condition and the DC of the saving throw needed to end the effect. Alternatively, the myconaut can absorb two Hit Dice (roll your spent Hit Dice to determine effect) of damage from any creature adjacent to it. The myconaut must choose at the time of activation which version of the ability to use.

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