Prerequisite(s): Proficiency in two of the following skills or proficiency in one of these skills and with an herbalism kit: Arcana, Medicine, Nature, or Survival

You have extensively studied the magic found in rare plants, and you have unlocked the secrets to invoking the ceremonial and cultivated worts of hedge magic. You gain the following benefits:

  • Increase your Intelligence or Wisdom score by 1, to a maximum of 20.
  • You are skilled at locating and identifying magic plants. You have advantage on Intelligence and Wisdom checks to search for and identify magic plants.
  • When you fail to harvest a magic plant, you can try a second time before the magic plant is destroyed. You have disadvantage on this second attempt, which destroys the plant on a failure.
  • You have learned how to expertly care for magic plants, and you gain two magic plants of your choice. Each plant is in a small pot, pouch, or some other portable container that you carry with you on your travels. At the end of every 7 days, roll a d4 for each magic plant that you own. The number rolled determines how many uses of that plant you have for the next 7 days. Each plant then steadily regrows, providing more uses after 7 days have passed. While caring for a plant requires work, it is considered part of your routine when you take a long rest and requires no further skill checks. You can keep and care for a number of magic plants equal to 1 + your proficiency bonus at a time.
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