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Herbalist (Studio Agate)

You gain proficiency with the herbalism kit. You have advantage on ability checks associated with the herbalism kit and on any check to find or gather plants that can be used to concoct medicinal or magic potions.

In addition, you are able to prepare special brews, similar to magic potions with a limited duration. To find the necessary plants and ingredients, you must spend an hour in nature and make a Wisdom (Survival) or Intelligence (Nature) check (your choice). The DC for this check is included in the table below, which lists the brews you can make. To be suitable for the brew, the plants must have been freshly picked (less than 8 hours ago).

Preparing the brew requires 1 hour and a herbalism kit check (see the DC below). If you fail, the ingredients are lost. If you succeed, you obtain the equivalent of the chosen magic potion, with the exception that it must be drunk within the next 24 hours or lose its potency.

Equivalent potion DC to find the plants DC to make the brew
Potion of Climbing 10 12
Potion of Greater Healing 12 15
Potion of Growth 12 15
Potion of Healing 10 12
Potion of Invisibility 18 25
Potion of Mind Reading 15 20
Potion of Resistance* 15 20
Potion of Superior Healing 15 20
Potion of Water Breathing 12 15

* You must decide the type of damage the potion will grant resistance to (see the description of this potion in Arcana) from the moment you start gathering the necessary ingredients.

Ask your GM for more information concerning the listed potions. In addition, your GM may allow you to prepare other brews replicating the effects of other potions. The associated DC can be determined with the following scale as a basis: common potions: 10 to find and 12 to prepare; uncommon potions: 12 and 15; rare potions: 15 and 20; very rare potions: 18 and 25; legendary potions: 20 and 30.

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