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When push comes to shove, you can draw from your innermost resources, pushing yourself beyond your ordinary limits.

You have 3 heroism points. You can spend them at any time to gain the following benefits:

  • When you make an ability check, saving throw, or attack roll, instead of rolling the d20, spend 1 heroism point to resolve the roll as if you had rolled a 12. Alternately, spend 2 heroism points to resolve the roll as if you had rolled a 15. At an additional cost of 1 heroism point, you can use either of these benefits after you have rolled the d20, thus replacing your initial roll.
Heroism Points Spent Effect
2 Turn a successful attack roll into a critical hit.
1 Give disadvantage to all attacks against you for 1 round.
1 Make a creature reroll an attack against you, then choose which roll applies.
1 Double your speed for 1 round.
1 Gain proficiency in a skill or tool for 1 round. You can spend 1 additional point to extend that duration to 1 minute.
1 Immediately spend 1 Hit Die and regain hit points in accordance with the short rest rules (see the Adventuring chapter).
2 Remove a level of exhaustion.

You regain your expended heroism points when you finish a long rest.

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