Prerequisite(s): Half-giant race, Strength 19 or higher

Even among your people, you are massive. Your incredible size means you wear bigger armor, carry bigger weapons, and eat bigger meals. In order to remain balanced, this feat relies on the GM enforcing food and water requirements, as well as reasonable size restrictions on stealth and movement in tight spaces.

  • You lose the Powerful Build feature, and your size becomes Large. You must consume four times as much food and water daily as a creature of Medium size.
  • Your Dexterity and Wisdom scores decrease by 2. You have become so large that you suffer a considerable reduction to both your agility and your mental prowess.
  • Equipment that is the correct size for you costs and weighs four times as much as normal. You cannot wear incorrectly-sized armor, but you can still use medium-sized weapons without penalty.
  • Weapons that are correctly sized for you add their damage die a second time to damage rolls. For example, a large spear would deal 2d6 damage, and a large greatsword would deal 4d6 damage.
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