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Intuitive Diviner

Prerequisite: Wisdom 13 or higher

Your supernal insight originates from the hidden depths of your mind-and reaches into hidden realities.

  • You learn any two divination spells of 1st level or higher from the wizard or cleric lists, even if you do not possess spell slots to cast spells. The spells you choose must be of a spell level available to a wizard or cleric of your character level. These spells do not count against your spells known, if you have such a feature.
  • At every odd character level, learn one more such spell. If you obtain this feat after 1st level, you gain these spells retroactively.
  • You can cast any divination spell you know as a ritual, even if you are otherwise unable to cast spells.
  • Once you cast a divination spell of 6th level or higher with this feat, you cannot use this feat to cast another divination spell of 6th level or higher until you complete a long rest.
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