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Mixed Success

You can snatch success from the jaws of failure, though not without risk.

Whenever you make an attack with disadvantage and miss, but the result of the higher die would have been sufficient to hit your target, you can turn this failed attack into a successful one. However, you suffer a consequence. Resolve the successful attack normally, then roll on the following table. If, for any reason, the consequence cannot apply, nothing happens:

d10 Consequence
1 You deal yourself as much damage as your target.
2 All creatures within 5 feet of you can make an opportunity attack against you.
3 You take a level of exhaustion.
4 Your weapon drops from your hands, falling in a randomly determined space within 10 feet of you.
5 You fall prone.
6 You are restrained for 1 round.
7 You are incapacitated for 1 round.
8 You lose your concentration.
9 You cry out.
10 No consequence this time!
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