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Prerequisite(s): Must worship a god

Your profound devotion has drawn the attention of your deity, who protects and helps you in time of need. You gain the following benefits:

  • You gain proficiency with your deity’s favored weapon.
  • You can use your god’s favored weapon or a divine token (see the table below) as a spellcasting focus to cast divine spells. Divine tokens are mundane items related to your deity that can easily be found or crafted and don’t require special preparation.
  • You gain the Channel Divinity feature (see below).

Channel Divinity

You gain the ability to channel divine energy directly from your deity, using that energy to fuel magical effects. You gain two Channel Divinity effects: Call of the Faithful and Shield the Pious. When you use your Channel Divinity, you choose which effect to create. You must then finish a short or long rest to use your Channel Divinity again.

If you already have Channel Divinity from another source, you gain one extra use of Channel Divinity.

  • Call of the Faithful. When you make an ability check related to your god’s sphere of influence (as shown on the table below), you can use your Channel Divinity to gain advantage on that check. The spheres of influence are broad so that they might apply to many situations or ability checks. Your GM can let you know if using Channel Divinity in this way will provide a benefit.
  • Shield the Pious. When you are the target of an attack that you can see, you can use your Channel Divinity to impose disadvantage on the attack roll.
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