Playful Creature

Prerequisite(s): Bestial species, Charisma 12

This feat is intended for creatures whose race is animalistic in some way, with fur or feathers or similar bestial traits, such as gnolls and catfolk.

You’re charming enough that others assume any faux pas is just a delightful quirk. If you fail a Deception check to deceive, an Intimidate check to gain a target’s cooperation, or a Sleight of Hand check to steal from another creature, you can immediately attempt a Diplomacy check against the same DC as a bonus action. If you succeed, your target assumes your actions were in jest or just some awkward misunderstanding between your bestial inclinations and the social norms of others. The creature’s attitude toward you does not change based on your failed action (though later actions can still shift its attitude towards you). You can use this feat only once per day per target.

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