Redeemed Scoundrel

Prerequisite: Any good alignment

Battered and bruised by the worst excesses of your old life, you possess no lack of sympathy for those souls still trapped in a vicious circle of violence, debt, addiction, and rage.

You gain advantage on Charisma (Deception), (Persuasion), (Intimidation), and on Wisdom (Insight) checks when dealing creatures with a chaotic or evil alignment.

In a wounded land, everything from the air you breathe to the ground under your feet is infused with primordial chaos, evil, and corruption. The simple act of living in such an environment exposes travelers to a wasting sickness that rots both body and mind with a supernatural disease. A creature whose Constitution damage equals its Constitution score is consumed by rot from the inside out, its body reduced to moldering filth 24 hours later.

Taking Wisdom damage equal to a creature’s Wisdom score causes that creature to become insane (GM’s discretion as to type of insanity) even if the Wisdom damage is later healed.

The save DC to resist a tainted plague varies depending on a creature’s exposure to the wounded land. Creatures exposed by physical contact alone can resist the tainted plague with a successful DC 13 Constitution save. The DC increases to 15 for those who breathe the air of the wounded land, and to 20 for creatures who eat or drink anything native to the wounded land (unless they use purify food and drink or similar magic first). Failing this check results in 1d6 Constitution and 1d6 Wisdom damage daily.

Affected creatures may make a new save once per day. It requires two consecutive successful saves to recover.

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