Sanctify Land

Prerequisite(s): Requires the ability to cast a spell

With intense prayer and devotion, a place or thing can be sanctified. This becomes a regular duty for those priests charged with the caretaking of holy sites, shrines, and temple sanctuaries. Altars, mausoleums, and sepulchers are also frequent targets, especially if intrusion or unholy resurrection is a risk.

While not as powerful as higher-level divine magic, a divine spellcaster can spend a short rest in prayer and the preparation of material sacrifice to achieve a similar magical effect.

After spending a short rest in prayer, roll percentile dice. If you roll a number equal to or lower than your character level, you are successful, and any items you sacrificed are used up. You may then choose one secondary effect from the hallow spell, which then stays in effect for a week or until dispelled. For every 10 gp you spend in sacrificed material you add 5 to your character level for the purpose of this rite.

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