Senses of the Shrike

Prerequisite: Warlock or cleric with Pazuzu as your god or patron.

You have an unnerving power, much like your dark patron, to seek out certain vile utterances upon the wind; you know who speaks your title in vain or dares to whisper the blasphemous name of your master.

Choose a specific name and a specific title for yourself.

You can sense when and where sentient creatures have spoken this name, title or the name of Pazuzu aloud within the last 24 hours. You may make a Wisdom (Survival) check with a DC of 15 to locate the person uttering the name. The DC is reduced by 1 for each additional time a creature has spoken one of those specific words aloud within the past 24 hours. If you are within 30 feet of them, you are also considered to have blindsight for that creature.

You may choose to alter this feat for a specific setting, substituting a different evil deity or major background villain for Pazuzu.

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