Shield of the Fallen

You stand as a grim guardian angel for your comrades during times of battle. You receive the following benefits:

  • Increase your Strength or Dexterity score by 1, to a maximum of 20.
  • You are able to carry an unconscious, dead, or helpless creature up to one size larger than yours without the creature’s weight counting against your carrying capacity. Carrying them does not burden you or prevent you from attacking with a weapon or benefiting from a shield.
  • When you stand adjacent to a prone ally, any attacks against them do not gain advantage.
  • While wearing a shield and standing adjacent to a prone creature, as a reaction you can grant that creature your shield bonus to AC. You still retain the shield bonus as well.
Section 15: Copyright Notice

The Valkyrie Hybrid Class Copyright 2018 Total Party Kill Games, LLC Author: Aaron Hollingsworth