Sorcerous Damnation

Prerequisite(s): Evil paladin level 8

Your inherent magical abilities, drawn from a mysterious legacy, are enhanced by the pacts and sacrifices you have made to the darkest of powers.

Every time you gain access to a new spell level (which happens at paladin levels 5, 9, 13, and 17), pick one spell that is not on your spell list for that level and add it to your paladin spells for that level. Thus, as a level 9 paladin, you could choose to add fireball, lightning bolt, or any other third level spell that normally cannot be cast by paladins. In addition to this, when you use your divine smite ability, you may choose to change the additional damage from radiant to necrotic. Unlike normal necrotic damage, opponents who have suffered this necrotic damage cannot recover lost hit points through non-magical means. For every day the affected creature does not receive magical healing, it must make a DC 15 Constitution save. Creatures failing this save lose 1 point of Constitution. Creatures that die as a result of this Constitution loss transform into a ghoul (at the GMs discretion) 1d4 days after their death.

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