Sylvan Keeper

Prerequisite(s): Fluency in Elvish, Sylvan, or Druidic

You have traversed the border of the Fey Wild and gained knowledge of the creatures that dwell in its mists.

You learn the druidcraft cantrip.

You can cast the find familiar spell without using a spell slot. You can’t do so again until you finish a long rest. When you cast the find familiar spell in this way, the spirit you summon is a fey chosen from one of the following options instead of those you could normally choose: nettle boar, fern wolf, moss fawn, snakeroot, ringkeeper, dryad’s hair, thornling, humming blossom, twigling.

Familiars summoned in this way add your proficiency bonus to their spellcasting modifier and the DC for all of their abilities.

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