Prerequisite(s): Proficiency in tinker’s tools

You master the artificer’s art of creating clockwork creatures. As a light activity during a long rest you use tinker’s tools and 50 gp worth of metal which is consumed during the process to create one of the following creatures: bronzeback armadillo, clockwork spider, faceted scorpion, mechanical octopus, quicksilver fox, siegemetal ram, springjaw centipede swarm, or steelwing moth.

You may activate a clockwork creature you created using this feat by attuning to it. Active clockwork creatures follow your verbal commands and take their turn immediately after yours. Inactive clockwork creatures are considered petrified. If a clockwork creature falls to 0 hit points you can attempt to repair it, spending ten minutes to make a DC 13 tinker’s tools check. On a successful check, the creature is restored to full hit points; on a failed check it is destroyed, becoming a pile of scrap metal worth 25 gp.

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