Toss Enemy

Prerequisite(s): Str 15, proficiency bonus +2.

You may pick up and wield smaller enemies as a weapon.

  • When you make a successful grapple check on an opponent at least one size smaller than yourself that you are already grappling, you may swing your opponent as a weapon. The is functions like wielding a mace but deals requires using two hands to wield. On a hit, any damage you deal to the target is also dealt to the grappled opponent.
  • In addition, you can throw a grappled opponent of your size or smaller at another opponent. This works like using a Shove attack, but you have disadvantage on your Strength (Athletics) check if the grappled creature is the same size as you. If the check succeeds, you can then use a bonus action to throw the grappled creature as a ranged weapon (range 10/30). If the attack roll succeeds, both the grappled creature and the target take 1d4 bludgeoning damage plus your Strength modifier. In addition, you can make another Strength (Athletics) check against both the thrown creature and the target to Shove each of them, either knocking them prone or pushing them 5 feet away from you. You have disadvantage on your check if the target is more than 10 feet away.
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