Two Weapon Master

You launch a barrage of attacks with your weapons or use one weapon as a guard while attacking with the other.

If you are wielding a one-handed or versatile weapon in each hand and can attack with both, you gain the following benefits.

  • Flurry of Blades: If you miss with one of the attacks with either weapon on the same turn, you may use your reaction to make another attack with your off-hand weapon.
  • Rend: If you hit with your main hand weapon, you may subtract your proficiency modifier from the attack of your off-hand weapon on the same turn. If the attack hits, you add double your proficiency modifier to the attack’s damage.
  • Weapon Parry: You may use your bonus action to use your off-hand weapon to parry. When you do this, you gain a +1 bonus to your AC until the start of your next turn. Your off-hand weapon’s magic bonus is added to this bonus. You may still use Flurry of Blades when you are using your off-hand weapon in this manner.
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