Warp Sense

Prerequisite: Wisdom 13+

You have trained in readiness against fiendish creatures who walk between worlds to unleash their evil.

Whenever a creature uses a spell or effect that allows that creature to magically travel (misty step, teleport,etc.) to appear within 60 feet of you, you gain a +2 on any check to detect that creature. If successful, you are not surprised by the teleporting creature, and you can act even if the rest of your party is surprised. You also gain advantage on your initiative check if combat with the teleporting creature(s) begins within 1 minute of noticing the teleportation.

You can select one specific type of chaotic or fiend, such as devils, demons, etc. You are especially sensitive to teleportation used by creatures of that subtype, gaining advantage on any check to detect them.

This bonus to detect such teleportation is negated if the teleporting creature is using nondetection or a similar effect.

In such cases, the creature does not gain the advantage of that spell.

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