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Magic Items

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2093 Records Found

Name Source
+1 Quicksilver Pike of Phasing
Abandoned Phylactery
Aberrant Agreement
Abyssal Cannikin
Abyssal Carcass
Academy of Change Staff
Accompanying Instrument
Accompanying Instrument
Acid Lash of Irrixus
Acidic Confusion
Adder Sandals
Admixture Vial
Adventurer’s Ring
Aegis of Dread
Aegis of the Eternal
Aeromancer’s Heart
Agile Alpenstock
Agile Armor
Air Ship
Akaasit Blade
Alchemist’s Assistant
Alchemist’s Anytool
Alchemist’s Anytool
Alien Symbiote
Amalgam Armor of the Iron Mage
Ambition of the East Armor (Set)
Ambition of the East Sword (Set)
Ambition of the North Armor (Set)
Ambition of the North Sword (Set)
Ambition of the South Armor (Set)
Ambition of the South Sword (Set)
Ambition of the West Armor (Set)
Ambition of the West Sword (Set)
Amnesia Tick
Amnesia Tick
Amphion’s Lyre
Amulet of Abhorrent Life
Amulet of Clairvoyance
Amulet of Freshness
Amulet of Mighty Fangs
Amulet of Mighty Strikes
Amulet of Mimicry
Amulet of Natural Armor
Amulet of the Adventurer
Amulet of the Arcanist
Amulet of the Blade
Amulet of the Builder
Amulet of the Conqueror
Amulet of the Fisherman
Amulet of the Haunted Hand
Amulet of the Hawk
Amulet of the Heroic Host
Amulet of the Outlaw
Amulet of The Sky Captain
Amulet of the Stalwart
Amulet of the Swarm
Amulet of the Voided Mind
Amulet of the Wanderer
Amulet of the Wild
Amulet of Water
Amulet of Weakness
Amulet of Weapon Deflection
Anarchic Weapon
Anchor of Striking
Ancient Druidic Book
Angel Armor
Angel Armor
Angel’s Heart
Angler’s Caress
Angry Hornet
Animal Bone Necklace
Animal’s Drum
Animated Chain Mail
Animated Painting
Animated Shield
Animator’s Quill
Ankh of Aten
Anointing Mace
Antimagic Core
Antimagic Weapon
Aperture Orb
Apogean Spear
Apprentice’s Cheating Gloves
Apron of Protection
Apron of the Eager Artisan
Aquila of the Legion
Arc Blaster
Arc Blaster
Arcanamach’s Vambrace
Arcane Force Blade
Archimedes’ Heat Ray
Arctic Ring
Argent Mantle
Argh’yak Bow
Ark of the Covenant
Ark Rune
Armor of Bones
Armor of Cushioning
Armor of Death and Disease
Armor of Insults
Armor of Intervention
Armor of Intervention
Armor of Life
Armor of Spite
Armor of the Black River
Armor of the Coast
Armor of the Gates
Armor of The Golden Warrior
Armor of the Leaf
Armor of the Ngobou
Armor of the Shadowed Vale
Armor of the West Wind
Armor of the White Rose
Armor of the Zealot
Armor of the Zealot
Armor of Warding
Arrow of Anguish
Arrow of Darkness
Arrow of Fire
Arrow of Foul Rot
Arrow of Frost
Arrow of Grabbing
Arrow of Heracles
Arrow of Lightning
Arrow of Luck
Arrow of Ripping
Arrow of Seeking
Arrow of Silence
Arrow of Stopping
Arrow of Sudden Expedition
Arrow of the Dawnbreaker
Arrow of the Moon
Arrow of the Storm
Arrow of Unpleasant Herbs
Arrows of Healing
Arrows of the Alkonoth
Arrows of Weakening
Arsonist’s Dream
Artistic Masterpiece
Ascension Catalyst
Ash of the Ebon Birch
Ashes of the Fallen
Asp’s Kiss
Assassin’s Ring
Assassin’s Band
Assassin’s Blade
Atlas Esoterica
Atmosphere Visor
Atmosphere Visor
Auto Butler
Avenging Axe
Avian Tiara
Axe of Disemboweling
Axe of Many Strikes
Axe of the Ancients
Axe of Unmaking
Axe of Utter Havoc
Axe of Victory
Axiomatic Weapon
Azure Pollen
Azureheart Runestone
Baba Yaga’s Broom
Baba Yaga’s Chicken Hut
Baba Yaga’s Iron Kettle
Backpack of Plenty
Backstabber’s Blade
Badger Hide
Baetylus Stone
Bag of Adventurous Luxury
Bag of Boiling Caltrops
Bag of Bones
Bag of Bounty
Bag of Burning Caltrops
Bag of Cooling
Bag of Freezing Caltrops
Bag of Lightning Caltrops
Bag of Monsters
Bag of Necrotic Caltrops
Bag of Poison Caltrops
Bag of Radiant Caltrops
Bag of Shared Holding
Bag of Silver Caltrops
Bag of Thunder Caltrops
Bag of Wind
Balanced Breastplate
Balefire Signal
Band of the Leper
Bandit’s Ring
Bane Baldric
Bane Baldric
Baneful Weapon
Bangle of the Kush
Banishing Arrow
Banishing Bell
Barbs of Nakal
Bard’s Journal
Bark Shield
Barkeep’s IOU
Barkskin Ring
Barn Shield
Barnacle-Covered Shield
Barnacle-Covered Shield
Barricade Bow
Basilisk’s Blade
Bat-Fang Crossbow
Batsblood Elixir
Battle Standard of the Fallen
Battle-Bo of the Daredevil
Battlerager Armor
Beacon of The Undead
Beacon Shuriken
Beads of Contemplation
Beaker of Plentiful Potions
Beam Saber
Bear Paws
Bearskin Cloak
Beast Cloak
Beast Club
Beast Mask
Beast Talisman
Beast-Kin Saddlecloth
Beauty’s Bane
Beheading Blade
Behemoth’s Claw (Set)
Behemoth’s heart (Set)
Belongings of the Sanguis Lord (Magic Item Set)
Belt of Scouting
Belt of Steelskin
Belt of Success
Belt of the Flesh-Raker
Belt of the Mistwalker
Belt of the Raging Boar
Belt of the Stormwatch
Belt of the Summoned Lord
Belt of the Undying Earth
Berserker Battleaxe
Bertrandite Sphere
Betrayer’s Blade
Big Dipper
Binding Oath
Biography Draconis
Biting Wind
Black and White Daggers ,
Black Armor of the Inquisition
Black Armor of the Inquisition
Black Blood Elixir
Black Dragon Oil
Black Dragon’s Spit
Black Mist Cloak
Black-Barbed Shield
Blackguard’s Blade
Blade of Goblinslaying
Blade of Health
Blade of Petals
Blade of the Backstabber
Blade of the Bloodthirsty
Blade of the Dervish
Blade of the Lonely Land
Blade of the Storm Wind
Blade of the Temple Guardian
Blade of Triumph
Bladed Belt
Bladesinger’s Spear
Blasphemous Writ
Blast Helmet
Blast Helmet
Blazing Robe
Blindfold of the Second Order
Blinding Lantern
Blizzard Bottle
Blizzard Cloak
Blood Boil Elixir
Blood Gem
Blood Harvest Sickles
Blood Moon Orb
Blood Spike Armor
Blood-Blade Dagger
Blood-Soaked Hide
Blooddrinker Spear
Bloodforged Blade
Bloodfuel Weapon
Bloodhunter’s Armor
Bloodline Weapon
Bloodlink Potion
Bloodprice Armor
Bloodrager’s Axe
Bloodrager’s Belt
Bloodrager’s Helmet
Bloodspeed Elixir
Bloodstone Collar
Bloodthirst Dagger
Bloodthirsty Potion
Bloodthirsty Sword
Bloodthirsty Weapon
Bloodvenom Vial
Bloody Boomerang
Bloody Dagger
Bludgeon of Nightmares
Boar Tusk Amulet
Boat of Folding
Bodkin of Merciful Last Words
Bodyguard’s Ring
Bogatyr Blade
Bolstering Battleaxe
Bolstering Battleaxe
Bolt of Bitterness
Bolt of Black Ice
Bolt of Blinding Fire
Bolt of Boiling Acid
Bolt of Demolition
Bolt of Laming
Bolt of Pouring Poison
Bone Cage
Bone Knife of Servitude
Bone Merchant’s Coin
Bone of the Betrayer
Bone Shield
Bone Whip
Bonebreaker Mace
Boneless Leather
Book of Extended Summoning
Book of Lies, The
Book of the Banned
Book of the Sea Dog
Book of Truth
Boomerang Blade
Boot Oil
Boots of Banditry
Boots of Battle
Boots of Dancing
Boots of Equilibrium
Boots of Escape
Boots of Flamestriding
Boots of Free-Falling
Boots of Freedom
Boots of Freedom
Boots of Golden Luck
Boots of Shadow Walking
Boots of Silvered Luck
Boots of Sinister Shadow
Boots of Solid Footing
Boots of Stalking
Boots of the Barbarian
Boots of the Druid
Boots of the False Trail
Boots of the Long March
Boots of the Ranger
Boots of the Resolute Tracker
Boots of the Stonecaster
Boots of The Swift Striker
Boots of the Trailblazer
Boots of the Wolf
Boots of Winter
Borrowing Bracer
Borrowing Token
Bottle of Sunlight
Bottled Wisp
Boulder Shield
Bound Engulfer
Boundless Canteen
Bountiful Scroll Case
Bow and Quiver of Aspelta
Bow of Accuracy
Bow of Apollo
Bow of Boiling
Bow of Eros
Bow of Flame
Bow of Frost
Bow of Shadows
Bow of Storms
Bow of Swords
Bow of Venom
Bow of Waves
Bow of Wind
Box of Plenty
Box of Shadows
Bracelet of Frogs
Bracelet of the Spectral Pug
Bracers of Ganis’briel
Bracers of the Ghost-Fist
Bracers of the Sacred Shanty
Bracers of the Snake
Brain Juice
Brain Seed
Brawler’s Breath Amulet (Set)
Brawler’s Breath Ring (Set)
Brawler’s Leather
Brawn Armor
Brawn Armor
Brazen Bulwark
Breaker Lance
Breastplate of Command
Briarborn Cloak
Bridle of Verbosity
Briefcase of Destinations
Brightmind Cap
Brine Claw
Brooch of Blessed Blades
Brooch of Feathers
Brooch of Soul Protection
Broom of Sweeping
Brutal Axe
Brute’s Bow
Buckleshot Belt
Bullseye Arrow
Burglar’s Cloak (Set)
Burglar’s hook (Set)
Burglar’s Lock And Key
Burned Book
Burning Book
Burning Bracers
Burning Skull Mace
Bush Harness
Bustler’s Cloak
Buzzing Blade
Cackling Corset
Caduceus Staff
Cage Bubbles
Caged Star
Calming Raiment
Campaign Field Tent
Candied Axe
Candle of the Iron Guardian
Cane of Butterflies
Cap of Thick Skulls
Captain’s Turban
Captive Blade
Captive Blade
Captive’s Collar
Cask of Frozen Dreams
Castaway’s Flare
Caster’s Mace
Cat Tail Armor
Cat’s Eye Amulet
Cat’s Eye Marble
Cataloging Book
Catalyst Oil
Catalyst Oil
Cauldron of Autumnal Bounty
Cauldron of Melancholy Revival
Cauldron of Wonders
Cavalry Baton
Celestial Chain
Celestial Charter
Censer of Consecration
Cephalopod Breastplate
Ceramic Frog
Ceremonial Helm of Agris
Chain Cilice
Chain Shirt of Chance
Chainbreaker Blade
Chakram of Windfire
Chalice of Truth
Chalk of Articulation
Challenger’s Gloves
Champion’s Plate
Champion’s Shield
Chaos Acorn
Chaos Blade
Chaos Fruit
Chaos Hammer
Chariot of Helios
Charles’s Bane
Charm of the Wild
Charmer’s Tambourine
Cheater’s Deck
Chemosol 1: Artificial Hormone
Chemosol 2: Artificial Pheromones
Chemosol 3: Irritant
Chemosol 4: Stimsensitizer
Chemosol 5: Neurological Disruptor
Chemosol 6: Neurological Exciter
Chieftain’s Right Hand
Chieftain’s Axe
Chillblain Armor
Chimera’s Reprisal
Choker of Sidestepping
Choker of the Duelist
Chronomancer’s Pocket Clock
Chronomancer’s Staff
Circlet of Blasting
Circlet of Inevitable Death
Circlet of the Imperial Dragon
Circlet of the Imperial Dragon
Circlet of the Wild
Cleaning Concoction
Clever Boomerang
Cloak of Bad Advice
Cloak of Dark Despair
Cloak of Eyes
Cloak of Heroic Action
Cloak of Heroic Ambition
Cloak of Heroic Endurance
Cloak of Ooze
Cloak of Protection
Cloak of Shadows
Cloak of Splendor
Cloak of Squirrels
Cloak of Tentacles
Cloak of the Centipede
Cloak of the Elements
Cloak of the Grey Burglar
Cloak of the Hunter
Cloak of The Inconspicuous Rake
Cloak of the Kite
Cloak of the Lost
Cloak of the Mist
Cloak of the Owlbear
Cloak of The Rat
Cloak of the Raven
Cloak of the Raven
Cloak of the Unseen
Cloak of the Unwavering
Cloak of the Wild
Cloak of the Wind
Cloak of Thorns
Cloak of Twilight
Cloak of Unbreakable Power
Cloak of Weakness
Cloak of Weaponry
Clockwork Hand
Clockwork Mace of Divinity
Clockwork Pendant
Clockwork Sword
Cloth of Hylde
Cloud-Stepping Shoes
Cloudcloth Armor
Cloudstep Boots
Coat of Many Colors
Coated Quiver of Cold Death
Coated quiver of Fiery Doom
Codex Infernus
Codex of Nightmares
Coffer of Riches
Coin of Compelling
Coins of the Final Grudge
Collar of Immunity
Collar of the Pack
Comet Boots
Comfy Slippers
Commander’s Helmet
Commander’s Plate
Commanding Glaive
Communal Flute
Conserving Crossbow
Constant Dagger
Consuming Rod
Cordial of Understanding
Corn Cob Pipe of Dreaming
Cornu of the Legion
Courtesan’s Allure
Cowl of the Wraith
Crescent Blade of the Green Dragon
Crimson Carpet
Crimson Starfall Arrow
Crippling Crossbow
Crocodile Armor
Crow Talon
Crown of Affirmation
Crown of Radiance, Major
Crown of Radiance, Major
Crown of Radiance, Major
Crown of Radiance, Minor
Crown of Radiance, Minor
Crown of Radiance, Minor
Crown of the Underhell
Crown of Wisdom
Crup Pipes
Crusader Aegis
Crusader Scepter
Crusader’s Shield
Curdled Doom
Cursebearing Weapon
Cyclops Monocle
Cyclops Monocle
Daedalus Wings
Dagda’s Cauldron of Plenty
Dagger of Cunning
Dagger of Negation
Dagger of the Barbed Devil
Dagger of Venom
Dagon’s Oil
Dancer’s Boots
Dancing Axe
Darkbrand Armor
Dauntless Machete
Dawn Shard
Daydream Orb
Daystar Plate
Dead Sea Scrolls
Deadfall Arrow
Deadman’s Hand
Death Petal Rose
Death Whistle
Deathgrasp Glove
Deathmark Gauntlets
Deathmark Spear
Deathward Armor
Deceiver’s Ring
Deceptive Dagger
Deceptive Dagger
Decoy Ring
Deep Water Skin
Deepstone Cestus
Defender’s Shield
Deflecting Helmet
Delayed Spell Box
Demon Gun
Demon-Sealed Box
Demon’s Metamorphosis
Demonskull Talisman
Denglong Earrings
Desert Evening Armor
Desert Moon
Devil’s Luck
Dimensional Net
Diplomat’s Signet
Dire Cursebearing Weapon
Dirk of Daring
Dispelling Charm
Dissonant Canticle
Diving Helmet
Djinni’s Bracers
Don’t Run
Dragon Bells
Dragon Fetish
Dragon Hide Boots
Dragon Lilies
Dragon Pistol, Magnetic
Dragon Pistol, Rapid-Fire
Dragon Statuette
Dragon’s Eye Staff
Dragon’s Eye
Dragon’s Scepter
Dragonskull Helmet
Dragonslayer’s Shield
Dragonslayer’s Shield
Dragonstooth Blade
Draught of Ambrosia
Draught of Forgetfulness
Draught of Glory
Draught of Living Death
Draught of the Black Owl
Draught of the Divine
Dread Chain-Hook
Dread Cloak
Dread Staff
Dreamwalker’s Amulet
Drowning Rat Charm
Dryad’s Wreath
Dual Life-Force Rings
Dust of Reappearance
Dwarven Beard Hooks
Dwarven Runestones
Eager Blade
Earrings of Eclipse
Earthenport Plate
Earthshatter Greatclub
Ebony Beetle Armor
Ectoplasm Armor
Efficacious Eyewash
Elderwood Horn
Elderwood Staff
Eldritch Respirator
Electroshock Glove
Element Pharaoh’s Crook
Elixir of Animalia
Elixir of Arcane Concordance
Elixir of Corruption
Elixir of Deep Slumber
Elixir of Focus
Elixir of Hiding
Elixir of Mimicry
Elixir of Mutable Flesh
Elixir of Mutable Soul
Elixir of Oracular Delirium
Elixir of Spike Skin
Elixir of the Clear Mind
Elixir of the Deep
Elixir of Wakefulness
Elven Chain
Emblazon Erratica
Emblem of Fire
Emerald Goblet
Emperor’s Sword
Empowered Feed
Empowering Amplifier
Empowering Crystal
Empyrean Blade
Encouraging Armor
Endless Bandolier
Energetic Lamp
Energy Blade
Energy Blade
Energy Shroud Ring
Enigma of Nyarlathotep
Enokitake’s Fantastic Fertilizer
Enraging Ammunition
Ensign of Parley
Ensnaring Ammunition
Enspelled Armor
Entrenching Mattock
Envisioner’s Compass
Errant’s Gage
Escape Artist’s Band
Esquire’s Rowels
Essence Potion of Memory
Ether Whip
Ettercap Cheese
Everburning Torch
Everwake Ring
Everyday Vest
Exsanguinating Blade
Extending Staff
Extract of Dual-mindedness ,
Extraordinary Essence Potion of Identity
Eye of Horus
Eye of Ornduhl
Eye of the Graeae
Eye of the Ice Wizard
Eye of the Wraith
Eye Patch of Adjustment
Eyeglass of Appraising
Eyes of Charming
Eyes of Keen Discernment
Eyes of the Portal Masters
Face of the Forgotten
Faerie Flute
Faience Idols
Fairy Ring Mushroom
Falling Star
False Coin
Fanged Mask
Fanged Skulls
Fanged Warclub
Feareating Ring
Feather Token, World Tree Sapling
Feather Token: World Tree Sapling
Feathered Mat of Paradise
Feathered Rope
Feathers of the Angels
Fellforged Armor
Felonious Fingerless Gloves
Ferret Slippers
Fetid Phial
Feysworn Contract
Fiend’s Breath
Fiendish Blood Shard
Fiendish Charter
Fiendish Gauntlets
Fife of Liberty
Fig of the Benevolent Sultan
Fighter’s Fork
Figurine of Wondrous Power, Amber Bee
Final Dagger
Finger Bone Brooch
Fire Caster
Fire Shield of Rathume
Firebird Leather
Firefly Dart
Firewrack Armor
Firewrack Greatsword
Fish Head Mask
Flagellant’s Whip
Flagon of Friendship
Flame Guard’s Glaive
Flames of Faithful
Flaming Pearl
Flaring Wand
Flash Bullet
Flask of Cloning
Flask of Unexpected Fortitude
Flayer Pistol
Fleshbound Tome
Fletcher’s Retort Gloves
Fluid Modulation Gloves
Flute of the Depths
Fly Whisk of Authority
Flying Balm
Fog Stone
Folding Boat
Font Phial
Fonts of Desires
Force Field
Forgefire Hammer
Forgefist Oil
Forgetful Sap
Forgewrought Arm
Forgiving Locket
Forsaken Body Paint
Fractured Phylactery
Freerunner Rod
Freeze Ray
Freezing Blade
Freezing Fog
Frenzy Drum
Frost Bone Hammer
Frostray Goggles
Frozen Crown
Fruit of Life
Frumious Frock
Furious Weapon
Furnace Flail
Gáe Bulg
Gale Javelin
Galvanic Neck-Bolts
Ganache’s Toque
Gargoyle Mask ,
Garner’s Restful Cot
Gauntlets of Restoration
Gauntlets of Smashing
Gauntlets of Surety
Gauntlets of the Arcane Fist
Gear Shield
Genie’s Bane
Gerhardt’s Bargain
Ghastly Stave
Ghost Armor
Ghost Barding
Ghost Food
Ghost Hunter’s Pistol
Ghost Shackles
Ghost Shroud
Ghost Shroud
Ghoster Unit
Ghostfire Gloves
Ghoul Light
Ghoul Skin Armor
Ghoulbane Oil
Giantstrike Cestus
Gibbous Blade
Gifting Cobra
Giggling Orb
Gild-Master’s Tools
Girdle of Aphrodite
Girdle of Buoyancy
Girdle of Truth
Glabrezu Claw
Glabrezu Claw
Glabrezu’s Claw
Glass Arm
Glass of Sudden Respite
Glassee Gloves
Glazed Blade
Gliding Cloak
Glitterfrost Buckler
Globe of Accord
Glove of Strength Sapping
Glove of the Woodland
Gloves of Certain Grip
Gloves of Paired Weapons
Gloves of the Battlemage
Gloves of the Battlemage
Gloves of the Deft Pickpocket
Gloves of the Walking Shade
Gloves of the Wyrm
Gloves of True North
Glowing Moss
Glowlash Manacles
Glowstone Helmet
Glyph of Stealth
Glyph Trap
Gnarlthorn Rod
Gnarlthorn Rod
Gnawing Spear
Goblet of Confidence
Goblin Mask
Goblin Shield
Goggles of Safety
Gold Skull Talisman
Golden Bolt
Golden Bolt
Golden Fleece
Golden Gauntlets
Golden Griffon Shield
Golden Gun
Golden Orrery
Golem Armor
Golembane Oil
Goodberry Hat
Gorgon Scale
Gorthek Mask
Gorthek Mask
Gossamer of the Unk Wyrm
Gourd of Health
Grail of Tears
Granite Armor
Grappler’s Mask
Grasping Shield
Grave Balm
Grave Reagent ,
Grave Ward Armor
Great Plate Armor
Green Girdle of Invulnerability
Grim Escutcheon
Grinding Gears
Grinning Skull
Grinsplitter Weapon
Ground Shield
Guandao of Momentum
Guard Hives
Guardian Moppet
Hag Cauldron
Hag’s Delight
Hag’s Eye
Halo of Inner Calm
Hammer of Decrees
Hammer of Hephaestus
Hammer of the Dwarvish Lords
Hammer of Throwing
Hammer, Smithing
Hammock, Restful
Handy Scroll Quiver
Hard-Light Shield
Hardening Polish
Hardening Polish
Harg & Hylde
Haruspex Ward
Hat of Snow Constructs
Hat of Useful Conjuration
Headband of Reflected Arrows
Headrest of the Cattle Queens
Healer’s Hand Amulet
Healer’s Ring
Healing Fruit
Healthful Honeypot
Heart of Life
Heartglow Lantern
Heartseeker Spear
Heartstone Rod
Heating Stone
Heavyload Harness
Hei matau Amulet
Hei matau amulet
Heliotrope Heart
Hellfire Armor
Hellfire Cloak
Helm of Certain Sanity
Helm of Devil’s Sight
Helm of Hades
Helm of Insight
Helm of the Aquilifer
Helm of the Citadel
Helm of the Ebon Serpent
Helm of the Intercessor
Helm of the Spiritbender
Helm of the Tactician
Helm of the Umbral Flame
Helm of the Winter Duke
Helm of Velamish
Helmet of Salvation
Heretic’s Bane
Heretic’s Bane
Hewer’s Draught
Hexbearing Weapon
Hexen Blade
Hidden Armament
Hoarfrost Halter
Holy Flame
Holy Ice
Holy Icon
Holy Liberator
Holy Symbol, Radiant
Holy Weapon
Honey Buckle
Horn of Blood
Horn of Breaking
Horn of Ethrum
Horn of the Drowned
Horn of the Halfling
Humble Cudgel of Temperance
Hungersword (Greater)
Hungry Grass
Hunter’s Headband
Hunter’s Ocarina
Hydraulic Exoskeleton
Hymenoptera’s Hand
Icegrip Mantle
Icewrack Helm
Iergild Metal
Imbue Spell
Immolation Scale
Imp’s Fingerbone
Impact Club
Impaling Weapon
Implacable Crusade
Incandescent Sword
Index of Potions
Infernal Crown
Infernal Shackles
Infinite Staff
Ingot’s Ale Spout
Inspector’s Bullhorn
Inspector’s Bullhorn
Instant Signal Towers
Interplanar Paint
Invader’s Bane
Invincible Cuirass
Invisible Charm
Invite Attack
Ioun Crown
Iron Mage’s Ring of Wizardry
Ironskin Oil
Ironskull Shield
Ivory Light
Ivory Qilin
Jade Frog
Jagged Vest
Jambiya of the Ebon Night
Javelin of Teleportation
Jester’s Stein
Jester’s Cosh
Joshua’s Shofar
Jungle Mess Kit
Jungle Vapor
Keffiyeh of Serendipitous Escape
Kelgror’s Hammer
Key of Infinite Locks
Keyclasp Ring
Ki Rings
Kijani Seedling
Kinetic Boots
Kissing Blade of Tik’mbesi
Klaven Spacesuit
Knight Fall Bracers
Knight-Sergeant’s Surcoat
Knockabout Billet
Labrys of the Raging Bull
Labyrs of the Raging Bull
Lance of Endless Night
Lance of Thunder and Lightning
Lantern of Hope
Lantern of Spirits
Laser Sight
Lash of Hunger
Laughing Spirit Bow
Lava Collar
Leaf Cloak of Wonders
Leaf-Bladed Sword
Legacy of Wrath
Legion Veteran’s Shield
Legionnaire’s Armor
Lenses of the Underdark
Lever of Harmony
Levinoss Pearl
Ley Ferryman
Lial Arrows
Liar’s Ring
Liar’s Stone
Liars’ Lantern
Lifeblood Gear
Light Hammer of Throwing
Lighthouse Buckler
Lightning Anchor
Links of Armor
Lionheart Torc
Liquid Courage
Liquid Shadow
Litany of Woe
Litham of Breath
Living Juggernaut
Living Lightning Gun
Living Lightning Gun
Living Puppet Box
Living Spellbook
Lock Armor
Locksmith’s Oil
Locust Rod
Longarm Draught
Longbow of the Elder
Lorg Mór
Lotion of Pure Filth
Lotus Fruit
Love Note
Lover’s Knot
Lucky Fingers
Lucky Leather Armor
Lucky Rabbit’s Foot
Lucky Whetstone
Luring Perfume
Mace of Portents
Mace of Shattering
Machine Sacrifice
Machine Speech
Machine’s Load
Machuahuitl of Quiahuitl
Macuahuitl of Revealing
Maddening Horns
Mage Hunter’s Armor
Mage’s Blood
Mage’s Diadem
Magesmasher Maul
Magi’s Duster
Magical Tattoo Ink
Magnetic Rod
Mail of the Sword Master
Maiming Weapon
Malefic Mask
Maleophage Panacea
Mammoth Scrolls
Manticore Boots
Manticore’s Tail
Mantle of Confession
Mantle of Many Shapes
Mantle of the Lion
Mantle of the Medusa
Mantle of the Medusae
Manual of Runewrought Constructs
Map of Many Places
Map of the Stars
Map of the Trailblazer
Markum’s Glaive
Martyr’s Salvation
Masher Basher
Mask of Deadspeech
Mask of Malediction
Mask of Quiahuitl
Mask of the Ancestor
Mask of the Blood-Drinker
Mask of the Leaping Gazelle
Mask of the Minotaur
Mask of the Skull
Mass Repair Metal
Master Alchemist’s Anytool
Master Alchemist’s Anytool
Maul of Gore
Mbira of Strong Emotions
Mechanical Heron
Mechanical Rogue
Mechanical Union
Medallion of Poison
Medic’s Sash
Memento Mori
Messenger’s Fruit
Meteor Shard
Meteoric Plate
Midnight Armor
Midnight Beacon
Mimwood Armor
Mind Mirror
Mind Sentinel Medallion
Minotaur Sweat
Minotaur’s Septum Ring
Mirror of Curse Detection
Mirror of Echoes
Mirror of Ur-Zababa
Mirrored Armor
Mithrandine Armor
Mitre of the Hierophant
Monocle of the Written Word
Moon Leech
Moonbeam Chain Mail
Moonsteel Weapon
Mordant Blade
Morningstar of Freezing
Morphing Weapon
Morregi Divination Board
Mortal Memento
Mosquito Knives
Mountain Hewer
Mountaineer’s Crossbow
Move The Cosmic Wheel
Muck Eater
Mud Cream
Muffled Armor
Mummer’s Ruff
Murderous Miniature
Musical Staff
Mustache Caterpillar
Mutineer’s Blade
Mystic Fishing Pole
Mythward Ring
Mythward Scepter
Nauseating Miasma
Neckguard of the Confessor
Necklace of Conversation
Necklace of Harmonia
Necklace of Monsters
Necklace of Separation
Necklace of Truth
Necromantic Box
Nemean Lion Hide
Nemesis Weapon
Nemesteel Weapon
Netherbeam Cannon
Nethertech Power Armor
Nidhogg’s Tooth
Nightbutcher’s Apron
Nightbutcher’s Blade
Nightingale’s Shade
Nightwatch Helm
Nightwrought Armor
Nine Heads
Ninefold Swarmdagger
Nixie Dew
Noble Coat
Noh Mask of the Shapech anger
Norigae of Protection
Oak Heart Figurine
Observer’s Spyglass
Odd Bodkin
Odorless Oil
Oil of Concussion
Oil of Defoliation
Oil of Extreme Bludgeoning
Oil of Numbing
Oil of Sharpening
Oil of Snow-Stepping
Oil of Stone Shape
Ooze Plasma
Opportunist’s Weapon
Oracle Charm
Orb of Death
Orb of Enthralling Patterns
Orb of Fate
Orb of Obfuscation
Orb of Purple Shadows
Orb of Spell Storing
Orb of Turning
Override Baton
Owlbear Dander
Pact Paper
Paired Gauntlets of Striking
Pamitl of Combat Coordination
Papercraft Sheet
Parasite Dagger
Peacekeeper’s Baton
Pebbles of Planar Detection
Pendant of Common Sense
Pendant of Life Sense
Pendant of Proof Against Curses
Percipient Pearl Earrings
Periapt of Wisdom
Personal Ballista
Pestilent Spear
Phase Arrow
Phasing Slippers
Pheme’s Trumpet
Phial of the Land
Phidjetz Spinner
Philter of Luck
Phoenix Armor
Phoenix Coronet
Pick of Ice Breaking
Pilferer’s Gloves
Pirate Brand
Pirate Brand
Pistol of the Umbral Court
Plague Rat Buckle
Plague Tower
Planar Lodestone
Platinum Cestus
Platinum Skull Ring
Plow of Abundant Harvest
Pocket Blind
Pocket Oasis
Pocket Vault
Poison Strand
Polarity Hammer
Portal Wand
Post Parchment
Potent Cure-All
Potion Belt
Potion of Absolute Purity
Potion of Acid Breath
Potion of Air Breathing
Potion of Augmented Reality
Potion of Bad Taste
Potion of Blur
Potion of Bouncing
Potion of Buoyancy
Potion of Burrowing
Potion of Corruption
Potion of Detonation
Potion of Dignity
Potion of Dire Cleansing
Potion of Dreaming
Potion of Ebbing Strength
Potion of Effulgence
Potion of Empowering Truth
Potion of Expertise
Potion of Fake Death
Potion of Freezing Fog
Potion of Gelatinous Form
Potion of Gentle Repose
Potion of Health Stealing
Potion of Heroism
Potion of Infinite Possibilities
Potion of Luck
Potion of Luck
Potion of Magic Resistance
Potion of Magma Form
Potion of Malleability
Potion of Mental Strength
Potion of Persistence
Potion of Providence
Potion of Rainbow Hues
Potion of Rainbow Hues
Potion of Raw Magic
Potion of Regeneration
Potion of Regurgitation
Potion of Renewal
Potion of Restoration
Potion of Sand Form
Potion of Shadow Healing
Potion of Shielding
Potion of Skating
Potion of Submission
Potion of the Phoenix
Potion of Tinification
Potion of Transparency
Potion of Water Breathing
Potion of Wonders
Potion of Worg Form
Pouch of Runestones
Poultice of Mending
Power Word Restore
Prayer Mat
Pride of the Goblins
Primordial Goo
Primordial Scale
Probability Powder
Projection Periapt
Prongs of the Black
Prophet’s Tablet
Pruning Sickle
Pruning Sickle, Greater
Psychokinetic Weapon
Pumpkin Seed
Pyroclastic Rod
Quaking Mace
Quickchange Armor
Quicksilver Tattoo
Quickstep Boots
Quil Club
Quil Skin
Quill of Accuracy
Quill of Commission
Quill of Illusory Script
Radiant Pharaoh’s Mail
Radiant Rod
Radiate Crown
Ragged Shroud
Rags of the Mongrel
Rain of Chaos
Rainbow Extract
Rainbow Lenses
Raindrop Earrings
Rallying Standard
Rapture Chip
Rapture Chip
Rapture Ray
Rapture Ray
Rat-Tooth Necklace
Rat’s Tail
Ravager’s Axe
Raven’s Dagger
Raven’s Feathers
Ravenous Skull
Razor Couters
Razorfang Fluid
Razorvine Whip
Razzle Dazzle
Read Memory
Reanimating Fluid
Reaper’s Scythe
Recoil Compensator I, II, Iii, IV, V
Red Lady’s Scalpel
Reef Splitter
Refined Leaf Tea
Relentless Conqueror
Rending Claw Blades
Repair Metal
Resounding Bell
Resplendent Robe
Restorative Gargle
Retribution Armor
Rhino Shield
Rime Scroll
Rimefire Gauntlets
Ring of Alarm
Ring of Backstepping
Ring of Being Anchored in Time
Ring of Cold Vengeance
Ring of Delayed Doom
Ring of Devine Deception
Ring of Erudite Alacrity
Ring of Erudite Alacrity
Ring of Exemplary Annulment
Ring of Fiery Darts
Ring of Flawless Diplomacy
Ring of Foe Focus
Ring of Foe Focus
Ring of Giant Mingling
Ring of Hawfire
Ring of Legendary Resistance
Ring of Magical Imputation
Ring of Perfect Discretion
Ring of Petty Affliction
Ring of Returning
Ring of Safe Passage
Ring of Shadows
Ring of Stammering
Ring of Stone Passage
Ring of Tactical Teamwork
Ring of the Ancient Forest
Ring of the Aristocrat
Ring of the Blood Pact
Ring of the Dark Night
Ring of the Ember Maiden
Ring of the Grasping Grave
Ring of the Long March
Ring of the Performer
Ring of the Sorcerous Adept
Ring of the Treacherous Advisor
Ring of the Wrestler
Ring of the Zephyr
Ring of Tranquility
Ring of Truth
Ring of Unexpected Might
Ring of Universal Mastery
Ring of Void Zombie Summoning
Ring of Wariness
Ring of Warmth ,
Ring of Wings
Ring, Bone
Rings of Embassy
Rings of Power
Ritual Dagger
Riverine Blade
Riverine Blade
Robe of Shards
Robe of the Fire Rat
Robe of the Raven
Robe of the Venerable Grandmaster
Robe of Vivid Heraldry
Rocket Launcher
Rod of Arcane Feedback
Rod of Asclepius
Rod of Bastet
Rod of Dwarven Might
Rod of Emphatic Triumph
Rod of Feytouched Summoning
Rod of Fiendish Aspect
Rod of Forcefangs
Rod of Gainful Sorcery
Rod of Many Things
Rod of Mimicry
Rod of Nettles
Rod of Planar Travel
Rod of Remarkable Gifts
Rod of Rimefrost
Rod of Shadow Puppetry
Rod of Spell Deflection
Rod of Spell Focusing
Rod of the Arcane Cenotaph
Rod of the Ebb Tide
Rod of the Fire Tendril
Rod of The Heavens
Rod of the Infernal Realms
Rod of the Monkey King
Rod of the Monkey King
Rod of the Moon
Rogue’s Bane
Rope of Reaching
Roperunner’s Cord
Roperunner’s Cord
Rowdy’s Club
Royal Jelly
Ruby Crusher
Rumble Hammer
Rune Mark
Rune Talisman
Runebranded Hide
Runewalker’s Boots
Runewrought Grenade
Runewrought Prosthetic Arm
Runewrought Prosthetic Eye
Runewrought Prosthetic Leg
Rust Monster Shell
Sacred Vial
Sacrificial Knife
Saddle of Shared Pain
Saddle of Shared Pain
Saddle of the Cavalry Casters
Safety Shell
Salt Stake
Samisen of the Seven Spheres
Sand Arrow
Sand Suit
Sandals of Immediate Response
Sandals of the Desert Wanderer
Sandals of the Mitote
Sands of Reminiscence
Sanguinary Torque
Sanguine Lance
Sanguine Urn
Sapling Rod
Satyr’s Cup of Debauchery
Satyr’s Flute
Savage Spiked Chain
Scabbard of Keen Edges
Scabbard of Sharpening
Scale of the Sire
Scarab Ring
Scarab Scourge
Scarf of Deception
Scepter of Forgotten Time
Scepter of Heaven
Scepter of Heaven
Scimitar of the Desert Winds
Scorpion Cloak
Scoundrel’s Earring
Scoundrel’s Lute
Scoundrel’s Gambit
Scourge of Devotion
Scout’s Spyglass ,
Scrapper’s Jar
Scroll of Conjuring
Scroll of Extension
Scroll of Extension, Greater
Scroll of Fabrication
Scroll of Passage
Scroll of Spell Shaping
Scroll of Time Travel
Scroll of Treasure Finding
Scrolls of Correspondence
Sea Strider Boots
Sea Witch’s Blade
Seal of Miquito
Seal of Solomon
Sealskin Cloak
Séance Candle
Searing Whip
Seawrack Longsword
Second Breath
Seed of the Old Forest
Serpent Arrow
Serpent Shield
Serpent’s Armbands
Serpent’s Maul
Serpent’s Scales
Serpent’s Tooth
Serpentiginous Gloves
Serpentine Sandals
Servant Samovar
Set of Runes
Seven-league Boots
Sewer Suit
Shadow-Bolt Crossbow
Shadowhound’s Muzzle
Shadowstaff (Monte Cook Games)
Shadowstaff (www.mtblackgames.com)
Shapeshifter’s Sickle
Sharkskin Suit
Sharkskin Vest
Shattered Ground
Shattering Weapon
Shattershot Arrow
Shepherd’s Flail
Shield of Determination
Shield of Determination
Shield of Divine Spark
Shield of Excellence
Shield of Gnawing
Shield of Missile Reversal
Shield of the Drakeslayer
Shield of the Encroaching Forest
Shield of the Fallen
Shield of the Seven Heavens
Shield of Vengeance
Shield of Vigilance
Shifter’s Sorrow
Shifting Shirt
Shirt of Nessus
Shocktrooper Armor
Shoes of The Shingled Canopy
Shrieking Sword Cane
Shroud of Darkness
Sickle of Thorns
Siege Arrow
Siege Bow
Sigils of The Gatekeeper
Signaling Ammunition
Signet of the Kindred
Signet of the Life Pharaoh
Signet Ring of the Kobold Prince
Silence Serum
Silent Ammunition
Silent Firearm
Silken Tail
Silver Bell Necklace
Silvermist Armor
Silverscale Belt
Skimming Weapon
Skittering Centipede Scout
Skystrider Harness
Skystrider Harness
Slick Cuirass
Sling of the Mage-Killer
Sling Stone of Screeching
Slippers of Soaring
Slippers of Star-Striding
Slippers of Subtlety
Slippers of the Cat
Slippers of the Serpent
Slippery Armor
Slippery Toad Lens
Slipshod Hammer
Slumber Bomb
Smoking Plate of Heithmir
Smothering Cape
Snail Mail
Snakeskin Corset
Snallygast Amulet
Sniper Scope I, II, Iii, IV, V
Sniper Scope I, II, III, IV, V
Snowball Sling
Snowshoes of Speed
Sojourner’s Flute
Solomon’s Shamir
Solstice Needle
Solstice Star
Song of Death
Soul Reaper
Soul Sword
Soulbound Wraps
Soulgrip Whip
Spatter Solution
Spear of the Formation
Spear of the North
Spear of the Scribes
Spear of the Stilled Heart
Spear of the Western Whale
Spectacles of Annihilation
Spectacles of the Bizarre
Spectral Blade
Spectral Circlet
Spell Mirror
Spellbreaker’s Axe
Spellbreaking Armor
Spellshot Bow
Spellsurge Syrup
Spellward Candy
Spellwarper’s Touch
Spelunker’s Ring
Spice Box of Zest
Spice Box Spoon
Spider Grenade
Spider Wand
Spider’s Kiss
Spiny Shield
Spirit Pharaoh’s Staff
Spirit Scabbard
Splitting Daggers
Staff of Amber
Staff of Armory
Staff of Claws
Staff of Earth and Stone
Staff of Grinning Skulls
Staff of Hoarding
Staff of Mastery
Staff of Passage
Staff of Powerful Magicks
Staff of Pyrotechnics
Staff of Spell Echoes
Staff of Subtlety
Staff of Summer’s Might
Staff of The Artisan
Staff of the Beacon
Staff of the Dark Tree
Staff of the Fey Queen
Staff of the First Labyrinth
Staff of the Hierophants
Staff of the Skymaster
Staff of the Summer Court
Staff of the Wild Harvest
Stag Heart
Standard of Divinity
Star Flare
Stasis Grenade
Stasis Stone
Staves of Ghul
Steadfast Splint
Steam Blast
Steam Whistle
Stickytongue Mask
Stone Eye
Stone of Sealing
Storm of Chains
Stormheart Bow
Stormlure Staff
Stormwrack Armor
Stout Gauntlets
Strangling Straps
Strongspirit Mug
Stun Baton
Stunning Bolt
Sturdy Scroll Tube
Stygian Coin
Styx Boots
Sugegasa of Rising Waters
Sultan’s Khanjar
Summon Gremlins
Sun-Cursed Blood
Sundering Pick
Sunless Salve
Sunrise Icon
Sunsilver Shield
Sunwing Down
Surgeon’s Bag
Surgical Treatise
Survival Knife
Survivalist’s Arrow
Survivor’s Armor
Swarm Shield
Swarmfoe Suit
Sweet Nature
Sword of Binding
Sword of Dragonkings
Sword of Fallen Saints
Sword of Fearsome Fury
Sword of Flaming/Frost
Sword of Goujian
Sword of Kings and Queens
Sword of Mars
Sword of Mighty Defense
Sword of Relentless Ruin
Sword of Sacrifice
Sword of Subtlety
Sword of Swift Maneuver
Sword of the Heroic Champion
Sword of the Sun
Sword of Vernal Light
Sword of Wasps
Sword String Violin
Swords of Lords
Tactician’s Treatise
Tactile Unguent
Tailor’s Clasp
Talisman of Deceit
Talisman of Fate
Talisman of Mercy
Talisman of Recall
Tamer’s Whip
Targeting Computer I, II, Iii, IV, V
Tattoo of Absorption
Tattoo of Death Ward
Tattoo of Devastation
Tattoo of Freedom
Tattoo of Heroism
Tattoo of Power
Tattoo of Speed
Tattoo of Spell Turning
Tattoo of the Confident Hunter
Tattoo of the Lich God
Teacup Holster
Teeth of Old Naga-Nar
Temperate Blanket
Temporal Amulet
Tenebrous Flail of Screams
Tense Wristbands
Tentacle Staff
Tentacled Fingers
Thalassic Tincture
Thanatopic Ward
The Aegis
The Arm of Yuria
The Avenging Sword
The Axe of Forseti
The Containment
The Fish And The Rose
The Golden Fleece
The Golden Throne
The Gonfalon
The Great Lighthouse
The Harvester
The Headhunter’s Coin
The Khepresh of Karnak
The Pipe of Bishelle
The Ring of the Goblin Lord
The Spear of Lugh
The Sword of Fighting
The Sword of Kings
The Unbroken Blade
The Unbroken Blade
The Vault
The Void Artifact
Thieving Vial
Thirsting Scalpel
Thirsting Thorn
Thorn of Courage
Thousand Darts
Threefold Crown
Threefold Knocker
Thrice-Cursed Heart
Thrice-Cursed Heart
Thunder Spear
Thunderbolt of Zeus
Thunderbolt Trident
Thunderclap Dagger
Thyrsus Staff
Tick Stop
Tick Stop Watch
Tiger’s Fang
Tilmahtli of the Owl
Time Construct
Time In a Bottle
Time in a Bottle
Time Stop Water
Time Vortex
Timeless Unguent
Tincture of Moonlit Blossom
Tinker’s Glasses
Titanspawn’s Teeth
Toe Rings of Comfort
Token of Return
Tomb Tapper
Tomb Tapper
Tombo Fan
Tombo Fan
Tome of Necromancy
Tome of Vile Death
Tonic for the Troubled Mind
Tonic of Blandness
Torc of Cold Truth
Torc of Two Worlds
Tower Great Shield
Toxic Scabbard
Toxic Scabbard
Toy Soldier’s Ushanka
Tracker’s Leathers
Tracking Dart
Transmuter’s Robe
Transmuter’s Stone
Trapspringer’s Wand
Treebark Sap
Trekker’s Helmet
Triad Bracelet
Triad Bracelet
Trickster’s Boots
Trickster’s Fan
Trident of Poseidon
Trident of Survival
Trident of the Deep (Set)
Trident of the Vortex
Trident of the Yearning Tide
Trident Talisman of the Deep (Set)
Trilling Recorder
Troll Skin Armor
Troll Tooth Necklace
Trollblood Elixir
Trollsblood Elixir
True Authority (requires attunement)
Truestrike Crossbow
Tyrant’s Whip
Umbra’s Claw
Umbra’s Mantle
Umbral Chopper
Undercutting Axe
Undercutting Axe
Undine Plate
Unholy Mace
Unholy Weapon
Unquiet Dagger
Unraveling Silks
Unstable Bombard
Unstoppable Axe
Urchin Smock
Valkyrie’s Bite
Vampiric Armor
Vapors of Delphi
Veil of Mixed Signals
Venom Fist
Verdant Elixir
Verdant Elixir
Versatile Hourglass
Verses of the Deathbringer
Verses of Vengeance
Vessel of Deadly Venoms
Vessel of Dreams
Vest of Healing
Vestments of the Bleak Shinobi
Vial of Spiders
Victory Banner
Vile Censer
Vile Razor
Viper’s Blade
Void Touched Chain Mail
Void-Touched Buckler
Voidling’s Fang
Wafer of Warmth
Waking Key
Wall of Time
Wand of Acidsap Occlusion
Wand of Aquafire
Wand of Ash Storm
Wand of Burning Flames
Wand of Conjuration
Wand of Death Disruption
Wand of Distraction
Wand of Extinguishing
Wand of Extinguishing
Wand of Illumination
Wand of Lighting Bolts
Wand of Many Rays
Wand of Perturbation
Wand of Quickness
Wand of Rhapsody
Wand of Rime
Wand of Sleep
Wand of Souls
Wand of Spicy Surprises
Wand of the Director
Wand of the Wyrm
Wand of Traps
Wand of Undead Command
Wand of Winter Storms
War God’s Greatsword
War Paint
War Pick
War Trident of the Lizard King
Ward of the Moon Goddess
Warden Runestone
Warder’s Charm
Wardshatter and Spellsplinter
Warlock’s Aegis
Warping Blade
Watcher’s Visage
Water of Lethe
Wave Chain Mail
Weapon of Blood
Weapon of Nightmares
Weapon of Sacrifice
Web Arrows
Web-Spinning Lyre
Weights of the World
Whalebone Helm
Whetstone of Sharpening
Whip of Fangs
Whip of the Blue Wyrm
Whirlwind Bolas
Whirlwind Flail
Whisper Stone
Whispering Cloak
Whispering Powder
White Ape Hide
White Peacock Crown
Will of Swords
Wine of Dependence
Winged Hammer
Winged Horseshoes
Winged Sandals of Hermes
Winged Shield
Winter’s Flakes
Winterbark Barding
Wintergreen’s Spectacles
Wisp of the Void
Witch Hunter’s Armor
Witch-Thorn Tangler Grenade
Witch’s Brew
Witch’s Circle
Wolf Brush
Wolf Hair Shirt