Air Ship

Strange thing (vehicle), rare (must be proficient in aeronautics tools to pilot)

These air ships are rare in other nations. The air ship ignores all ground-based hazards such as mud or deep snow. However, it’ is still beholden to the weather conditions in the air or at sea. To convert the ship from flight to seafaring mode requires at least four Medium-sized creatures and 10 rounds focused on hauling in and deflating the air balloon before raising the mast and sails. For every two people over the minimum, decrease conversion time by 1 round. The ship can hold up to 20 Medium people with enough provisions (both food and water) for two weeks. It travels at an average rate of 4 miles per hour or 30 miles per day, however a skilled pilot can push the ship to higher speeds for short durations. This requires a DC 10 Intelligence check by a character proficient with aeronautics tools, which can push the ship to a speed of 6 miles per hour for a number of hours equal to their Intelligence modifier. Augments of both magical and mundane origin, such as canons and magically tacking sails, can be added onto the basic ship for increased cost. However, it is difficult to find anyone skilled in working on such vessels outside Ardonia, and proper augments would be difficult to install for an amateur. Any attempts to repair or augment the ship requires a craftsperson proficient with aeronautics tools to succeed on a DC 25 Intelligence check unless they possess the Ardonia background, in which case the DC is reduced to 10.

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