Alabaster Icons of Bast

Wondrous item, very rare

Alabaster icons of Bast come in a set of three hollow alabaster sculptures, each intended to contain different portions of a favored feline being mummified to accompany its master into the afterlife. These squat figurines are roughly cylindrical, with lids carved into the shape of cat’s heads. The spirit of these cat companions lingers on and can be called forth when these enchanted alabaster jars are nearby to one another. All three alabaster icons of Bast must be within 30 feet of one another to call upon their powers, though they can be activated by different creatures.

Guardian Cat: Once per day, the largest statuette can call forth an invisible guardian spirit that functions as faithful hound, though to creatures able to see invisible objects or creatures it takes the form of a large cat.

Purring Cat: Once per day, the medium-sized cat can be commanded to emit a soothing purr that promotes restful sleep and concentration for all allies of the creature that activated it. This allows all affected creatures to gain the benefit of 8 hours of sleep in 2 hours (but they must still rest for 8 hours to gain the benefits of a long rest). In addition creatures that prepare spells can do so in only 10 minutes regardless of the number of spells prepared.

Mewling Cat: Once per day, the smallest cat can be commanded to emit a piteous mewling wail that functions as sanctuary (DC 12), dissuading creatures from attacking the creature holding it.

In addition to the individual powers of the alabaster icons of Bast, once per day they can be used together in a ritual requiring one round to complete, summoning three leopards or cheetahs (treat as sabre-tooth tigers), as if using conjure animals.

If one of the alabaster icons of Bast is destroyed, the powers of the others cannot be used until it is repaired; however, even if one alabaster jar is reduced to 0 hit points the magic item itself is not considered destroyed as long as at least one jar remains intact.

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