Wondrous item, legendary

Ambrosia is the food or drink of the gods and provides immortality to those who imbibe it. When the mighty Heracles ascended to immortality, he was given ambrosia by Athena herself. When Achilles was an infant, he was anointed with ambrosia in all except his heel, giving him the one weakness that would be his demise. Health and Long Life. Once you have taken ambrosia, you stop aging permanently. One of the Immortals. Being immortal makes you very difficult to truly kill. You have advantage on death saving throws. Instead of requiring 3 death saving throw failures to kill you, you require 10. When you take damage while at 0 hit points, you may immediately gain 1 hit point. You can only gain health this way once before requiring a long rest. Blood of Ichor. When you consume the ambrosia, your blood is replaced with a golden substance known as ichor. If a mortal ingests your blood, they take poison damage equal to your level and gain the poisoned condition for 1d20 days.

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