Amulet of Mighty Fangs

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This pendant is shaped like the miniature skull of a great horned or fanged beast.

While wearing it, any attack the wearer makes using a portion of its own body, including teeth, claws, horns, tail, wings, or even fists and feet is considered magical for the purpose of overcoming a creature’s resistance to damage. An unintelligent creature can attune this item by wearing it for 1 hour.

When an amulet of mighty fangs is attuned, an intelligent creature can merge a weapon with the amulet.

The amulet is shrunken to a tiny miniature of itself and clasped in the jaws of the skull amulet. As long as the amulet of mighty fangs is attuned, any of the “natural weapons” described above gain the benefit of any continuous powers or materials possessed by that weapon as if it were also attuned to the wearer. Thus, if an adamantine or silvered weapon is merged with the amulet, the wearer’s attacks would be treated as adamantine or silvered. If the merged weapon grants a magical bonus on attack and damage rolls, that bonus applies to the wearers claws, bite, and similar attacks.

While they gain the benefit of a merged weapon’s continuous effects, the wearer of an amulet of mighty fangs cannot trigger any special abilities of the merged weapon that require actions, even if they are free or bonus actions.

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