Amulet of the Haunted Hand

Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement by a fighter or rogue)

This brass amulet has a skeletal hand in its center.

Radiates: Enchantment and necromancy magic.

Power: You gain proficiency in Intelligence (Arcana) and Charisma (Deception, Intimidate). If you are already proficient, you gain a +2 bonus instead.

Power: You know chill touch, dancing lights, and mage hand and may cast speak with dead once per long rest.

Curse. When you attune to this amulet, you feel as if cold hands grab your shoulders from behind. One of your hands (your choice) grows cold, the flesh rots away over 10 agonizing minutes, and it becomes skeletal. During this 10 minutes, you are incapacitated (no saving throw). Afterward, your skeletal hand is fully functional, its bones bound by magic. You now radiate necromantic magic and your creature type changes to undead from dusk till dawn (for purposes of determining what items or magic can affect, heal, or damage you). While undead, you do not age, effectively doubling your lifespan. Your creature type changes back to your original type during the day, but your hand remains skeletal.

Special: As a free action, your skeletal hand can radiate a menacing, ghostly purple glow for 10 minutes (concentration required). This sheds bright light in a 10 foot radius and dim light for another 20 feet. It can only be activated at night, underground, or in conditions of dim light. The light always activates at full glow, but you can reduce its radius (as another free action) to shed 5 feet of bright light and another 10 feet of dim light. While your ghostly purple glow is active, you gain advantage on Charisma (Deception, Intimidate) checks and on all Charisma checks against evil creatures, fiends, necromancers, undead, and warlocks. In addition, during this time, all your weapons, magic items, spells, and other spell-like abilities also radiate the ghostly purple light for their duration. This is a purely cosmetic effect except as a potential light source. You may use this special power a number of times per day equal to your Constitution modifier + your proficiency bonus.

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