Amulet of the Heroic Host

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

This heavy iron amulet is shaped like a round shield with a lion’s head engraving, backed with a pair of crossed swords. While wearing it, you can use your action to speak the command word and summon the “heroic host,” a group of ten warrior spirits from beyond the grave who appear in the nearest unoccupied spaces. These spirits use the veteran statistics and present as flesh and blood, though their skin is cold to the touch. They disappear after 1 hour, returning to the world from which they came.

The spirits are friendly to you and your companions and obey your orders. They have names and converse with you if you wish, offering battle advice or telling stories of past victories. The same spirits are summoned each time, and they remember their previous adventures with you. One of the spirits acts as the leader of the group.

The spirits have full hit points each time they are summoned, but healing magic does not work on them. If one of the spirits is slain, its body evaporates, and the size of the heroic host is permanently reduced by one. When the last member of the host dies, the amulet becomes nonmagical.

Once you summon the heroic host, you cannot summon it again until 7 days have passed.

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