Amulet of The Sky Captain

Wondrous item, common

Mostly used by the navigators of airships, though the occasional maritime navigator may possess one too, this amulet allows the wearer to navigate without visible landmarks of any sort. The wearer fixes a point in their mind and the amulet gives a sharp tug in the correct direction. It must be on their person at all times to work, and removing the amulet negates the most recent destination and necessitates recalibrating. The amulet does not account for roads or walls, which makes it difficult to use on land, although it can still provide at least a general direction. In order to work, the location must be one known to the wearer, such as a town or castle or landmark; they must either have visited it before, or it must be a location known to the general populace. The amulet cannot be used to locate an item or person, nor can it be used to find a lost location (such as a forgotten city or altar) unless the wearer has been there previously. The amulet can be used to bypass locational wards that would prevent the place from being found by any normal means, although it does not allow the wearer to cross any wards that prevent them from entering.

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