Amulet of Weakness

Wondrous item, rare (cursed)

A small but ornate gold necklace, to all outward appearances this is clearly an amulet of health. However, this amulet crafted by Darkoth’s sorcerers is masked by powerful illusion magic and hides an insidious curse. The illusion woven into the amulet extends to the wearer, disguising the curse as a more mundane illness, often making the true source difficult to ascertain. Upon closer examination with the use of an identify spell, the healing sigils across its face become warped and backwards, and its true nature is revealed. The wearer becomes easily fatigued and sickly, reducing their’ Constitution score by 4 points to a minimum of 8. If their Constitution score is already at 8 or lower, the amulet has no mechanical effect but still remains stuck to the unfortunate wearer. Removing the amulet is difficult, as its curse causes it to fuse to the wearer, requiring it to be countered with a remove curse or destroyed through otherwise extraordinary means in order to be removed. Once removed or destroyed, the penalized Constitution score persists for a further 2d6 rounds before returning to its previous level.

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