Animated Painting

Wondrous item, varies

This magic painting depicts a beast, a dragon, or a monstrosity. When a command word is spoken, the creature springs to life, leaving the canvas blank as it appears in the nearest unoccupied space next to the painting. The creature understands your verbal commands, but can’t speak, cast spells, or use legendary actions even if its statistics would normally allow it to do so. It regards you as its companion and obeys your commands as best as it can, taking its turn on your initiative. After 1 hour has passed, or if the creature dies before then, it returns to the canvas. Once this property has been used, it can’t be used again until 7 days have passed. The GM chooses the depicted creature or determines it randomly. The maximum challenge rating of the creature is determined by the painting’s rarity.

Rarity Challenge Rating
Rare 0–3
Very Rare 4–7
Legendary 8–10
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