Aquila of the Legion

Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement)

The Aquila is the symbol of Rome and its legions, but far more than a mere battle standard, these relics provide powerful blessings of war. Forged in the Grand Temple of Rome and blessed by the Flamens of Jupiter and Mars, each Aquila is ceremonially granted to a legion at its inception.

To lose an Aquila is perhaps the greatest shame a legion can suffer. For this reason, disciplined legionaries are more inclined to face annihilation than allow one to fall into enemy hands. In the rare case that a legion is destroyed and an Aquila stolen, Rome has been known to go to extreme lengths to recover them.

Some of these artifacts have made their way into private ownership, with a few rumored to be in the hands of some of Rome’s most prominent families. Recovered long after the end of their respective legions, these precious few lie in wait deep with patrician vaults for the day they will once more be used to rally Rome’s soldiers against her enemies.

Courage of Mars. While carrying an Aquila of the Legion you become a beacon of morale and glory for those around you. Friendly creatures within 60 feet of you (including yourself) have advantage on the first attack they make each turn. In addition, they have advantage on resisting the effects of being frightened.

Wrath of Jupiter. The first time each turn you are struck in combat the energies of the Aquila spring forth at your attacker dealing 6d6 lightning damage. This ability has three charges and regains 1d3 charges each dawn.

Attempting to use the Aquila as a weapon causes you to immediately become unattuned to it. You may not attune to it again for seven days.

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