Weapon (lance), legendary (requires attunement)

The god Lugh of the Tuatha Dé Danann is a master craftsman, warrior, and king. The weapon he wields is known as Areadbhar, originally owned by the King of Persia, Pisear. His mastery of the weapon garnered him the title Lámfada, meaning “of the long hand.” This magic lance is so brimming with need for violence that it has a will of its own. While the tip is not submerged in either water or poppy seeds, it awakens in a wreath of flame and flies to engage the enemy on its own accord. Indestructible. The lance cannot be destroyed except by the spell Disintegrate. When the spell targets the lance, the spear can make the Dexterity saving throw by rolling 1d20 + 5. If it fails, the lance is destroyed. Furious and Unwieldy. The lance is so violently magical, you are unable to use it as a normal melee weapon. When the lance is unleashed, it will fly around the battlefield attacking enemies at will. When the lance is released, roll initiative for it using a single d20. Areadbhar attacks by rolling 1d20 + 5. It acts on its own turn and is controlled by the GM, prioritizing attacking the nearest enemy above all else. A creature can attempt to grab the lance and hold it in place by making a DC 20 Strength check. The lance will only stop once all enemies are dead, at which point it will fall to the floor lifelessly. If anyone but its owner attempts to pick it up, it will spring to life and attack them. If it is not picked up by its owner within an hour, it will come to life again and start attacking anything living. If the owner is dead or has abandoned the lance, it can be reattuned to another who succeeds in grabbing and holding the spear for one hour, making a repeated DC 20 Strength check every ten minutes. Flaming Tip. While the lance is unleashed, the tip becomes wreathed in flame causing the lance to deal an additional 3d6 fire damage.

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