Armor of Death and Disease

Armor (full plate), unique (requires attunement by a cleric or paladin)

This suit of +1 full plate is made of buzzing corpse-flies and includes a crowned great helm also made of flies.

Radiates: Abjuration, evocation, and transmutation magic.


  • You may change this armor’s shape and appearance as a free action, including the color, making it look solid or transparent. Regardless, it is always buzzing. Though this does not interfere with your hearing, it does impose disadvantage on your Stealth checks. The armor does not weigh anything. No matter the transparency of the helmet, you can always see through it.
  • This armor does not count as metal for spells such as shocking grasp.
  • This armor radiates disease in a 5 foot radius. Any creature that becomes adjacent to you suffers 1d4 necrotic damage at the start of its next turn and this lasts for as long as it continues to remain adjacent to you. You can create or negate the necrotic effect as a free action to avoid damaging allies or your environment.
  • You gain resistance to psychic damage and immunity to necrotic damage.

Special: If you are a cleric, you gain heavy armor proficiency, but only with this armor. This item creates consecrated/desecrated ground.

Limit: You must worship a god of blight, disease, famine, death, or undeath to attune to this armor.

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