Armor of The Golden Warrior

Armor, artifact

Crafted for a great warrior in the far reaches of history, this armor confers a powerful blessing upon the wearer. Appearing as a suit of golden plate armor, the suit provides a +4 to all Constitution saving throws, as well as a +4 to Strength checks. In order to benefit from its blessing, the intended wearer cannot be of any evil alignment. If worn by an evil being, it loses all benefits. All creatures, after wearing the suit for 1 round, fall under the effect of dominate person as though cast as an 8th-level spell (DC 13 Wisdom saving throw to resist). If the subject fails their saving throw, they are compelled to render aid to any individual they perceive to be in need. If successful at resisting the spell, the wearer must repeat the roll after every 12 hours they continuously wear the armor.

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