Arrow of Luck

Weapon (arrow), rare (requires attunement by a barbarian or ranger)

This +1 arrow is made of bright, silver-colored metal fletched with owl feathers. The word “luck” is etched on the shaft in Primordial (Auran).

Radiates: Divination magic.

Power: When loosed from a bow, this arrow passes clean through your target on a successful hit to attack an extra target (which may be a creature or object). To qualify, the extra target must be standing up to 30 feet directly behind the original. Make an attack roll with advantage against the secondary target.

Special: If you miss your original target, instead of attacking a bonus target, the arrow circles back around to strike your original target from behind. Reroll your attack, this time with advantage. The arrow does not pass through your target upon circling back.

Charges: This arrow has a number of charges equal to your Wisdom modifier + your proficiency bonus.

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