Arrow of Sudden Expedition

Weapon (arrow), rare

This item looks like a regular arrow with a 10-foot long golden thread attached to the shaft. You can fire the arrow from any bow toward a point you choose within the bow’s range. The arrow flies unerringly to that point and also safely carries with it any objects or creatures attached to the golden thread, up to a weight of 500 pounds. You can attach the thread to yourself if you wish.

The arrow embeds itself in the target surface and the creatures or objects attached to the thread are safely deposited next to it. The arrow is easily extracted from the target surface. Having used the item to transport people or objects in this way, you cannot do so again until the following dawn.

The thread and arrow are unbreakable unless within an antimagic field. If more than 500 pounds of weight is attached to the arrow, the arrow flies 10 feet and falls to the ground, pulled up short by the thread. If the arrow is aimed at a creature of size huge or smaller, it strikes an unoccupied surface adjacent to the creature. If aimed at a gargantuan creature, it embeds itself in the creature, doing no damage and transporting passengers or cargo onto the creature itself.

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