Ascension Catalyst

Wondrous item, uncommon

A highly reactive chemical substance, the ascension catalyst has the pleasant smell of fresh mead and the color and glow of sunbeams. It is always found stored in tightly sealed vials made of inert substances such as gold or silver, protected from direct light or contact with the air; such precautions preserve the catalyst’s ability to infuse extraordinary powers to other substances and creatures.

When you drink a vial of undiluted ascension catalyst, you treat all saving throws you make until the end of your next turn as if you had rolled a natural 20. If instead you mix a vial of ascension catalyst with an alchemical item or magic potion, the duration and all other numerical effects of that item or potion are doubled, and any magical effect it creates cannot be dispelled with dispel magic (though it does not function in an antimagic field). The ascension catalyst can instead be used to speed up any alchemical process, reducing tenfold the time needed to craft an alchemical item, poison, or magical potion, elixir, solvent, unguent, ointment, or similar liquid or semiliquid substance.

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