Battle-Bo of the Daredevil

Weapon (quarterstaff), rare (requires attunement by a monk)

This +1 quarterstaff is formed from a pair of smaller fighting sticks that screw together, enameled with dark lacquer to appear to be a seamless whole. As a bonus action, they can be screwed apart to use the fighting sticks independently as two +1 light hammers with the finesse property or screwed back together to form the +1 quarterstaff. When wielding the battle-bo of the daredevil, you may perform Wisdom (Acrobatics) and Wisdom (Athletics) ability checks in place of Dexterity (Acrobatics) and Strength (Athletics) ability checks respectively. Additionally, if using the battle-bo of the daredevil in its +1 light hammers form, whenever you use their thrown weapon properties to make ranged weapon attack against a creature, you can spend 2 Ki Points in order to ricochet it off one creature to make an second attack roll against another creature within 10 feet of the first. After you make the second attack roll, the +1 light hammer returns to your hand.

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