Beaker of Plentiful Potions

Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement by a sorcerer)

This alchemical flask of thick glass is etched with measurement lines on its surface. This magical container can be infused with the raw essence of magic by a sorcerer once per day as an action, causing it to fill with a random potion. Roll a d20 and consult the table below to see which type of potion is created. This potion must be consumed within 1 minute or it evaporates without effect. This ability cannot be used again until the next dawn.

In addition, an attuned sorcerer can expend 1 or more Sorcery Points as an action to create a specific potion of their choice. The cost to create the potion is noted in the column SP for each of the listed potions. At the GM’s option, if other potions have been discovered in the campaign, the sorcerer may be able to duplicate them with the beaker of plentiful potions by expending 1 Sorcery Point for common potions, 2 for uncommon potions, 3 for rare potions, and 4 for very rare potions.

Potions created with the beaker can be used by anyone, not just by the sorcerer who created them.

d20 SP Potion
1 2 potion of animal friendship
2 3 potion of clairvoyance
3 1 potion of climbing
4 3 potion of diminution
5 2 potion of fire breath
6 4 potion of flying
7 3 potion of gaseous form
8 2 potion of giant strength, hill giant
9 3 potion of giant strength (frost/stone giant)
10 4 potion of giant strength, fire giant
11 2 potion of growth
12 1 potion of healing
13 2 potion of healing, greater
14 3 potion of heroism
15 4 potion of invisibility
16 3 potion of invulnerability
17 2 potion of resistance
18 4 potion of speed
19 4 potion of vitality
20 2 potion of water breathing
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