Biting Wind

Weapon (sling), very rare

This worn sling is made of chewed and burned straps of leather. When you twirl this sling, it forms a stone in the cup like a caustic hailstone, and on a hit the target takes normal bludgeoning damage plus 1d6 acid damage. When the wielder makes at least two attacks with it in a single turn, the sling surrounds the wielder with a miniature cyclone of wind and caustic rain until the end of his next turn. This cyclone does not harm or impede the wielder but functions as a wind wall for other creatures. Creatures ending their turn adjacent to the wielder take 2d6 points of acid damage (DC 12 Dexterity saving throw negates). The wielder is immune to this damage. The sling can produce this cyclone for a total of 10 rounds per day, though these rounds need not be contiguous.

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