Black Blood Elixir

Potion, rare

This murky fluid has a strange aura connected to it, making you feel invincible for a time before showing its true effects. Upon drinking this elixir, your Strength score is set to 19 and you gain temporary hit points equal to your number of Hit Dice for 1 day.

Curse. Once one day has passed, your flesh and mind begin to break down from the elixir and you decrease your Charisma and Constitution scores by 2.

Each day, you decrease these scores by an additional 1. When this would decrease your Constitution or Charisma to 0, instead your creature type becomes aberration, your Intelligence score is set to 3, you lose all penalties to your Constitution and Charisma scores, and you become a bestial monster under the GM’s control.

These effects can be stopped and reversed with lesser restoration, greater restoration, remove curse, or similar magics.

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