Blade of the Lonely Land

Weapon (shortsword), unique (requires attunement by ranger)

This +1 shortsword has a dark-hued, wavy steel blade.

Radiates: Abjuration, conjuration, illusion, and transmutation magic.

Power: You gain advantage on Intelligence (Nature) and Wisdom (Survival) checks.

Power: You may cast alarm, blur, magic mouth, mirror image, misty step, or nondetection.

Power: Once per long rest in your favored terrain, you may choose a natural feature within 1 mile of you to become difficult terrain of your choice (such as a bog, cave-in, deadfall, landslide, or sinkhole). It must be terrain you have seen (within 30 feet). It cannot be any part of a building or contain occupied squares. You choose the size, shape, and other features, but the new terrain must be something that could naturally occur in the area, and cannot exceed a number of feet equal to 100 times your Wisdom modifier. The difficult terrain lasts 1 hour, then returns to its previous state.

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