Blizzard Bottle

Wondrous item, uncommon

This bottle of swirling blue and white liquid is cold to the touch. As an action, you can and pour out the bottle, freezing a liquid surface solid as if you had cast freezing sphere or coating a solid surface with ice equivalent to a grease spell but affecting a 30-foot square. You can restopper the blizzard bottle as a bonus action, and it refills itself after one round. A blizzard bottle typically contains seven charges when found, and each pour uses one charge. If all seven charges are expended the bottle shatters.

You can use the ready action when holding the blizzard bottle to absorb the effect of a cold, ice, hail, snow, or sleet spell of 6th level or lower that targets you or includes you in its area. Make a Wisdom check with a DC of 8 plus the spell’s level; if the check succeeds the spell’s effect is canceled and the blizzard bottle regains one charge.

Even if the check fails, you have resistance to any cold damage from the spell. You cannot use this effect if the blizzard bottle is already fully charged.

If the blizzard bottle is fully charged, you can hurl it up to 120 feet, causing it to explode as a freezing sphere (saving throw DC 19). Alternatively, if a fully charged blizzard bottle is unstoppered and left open for 1 minute it creates a sleet storm centered on itself and causes the temperature in the surrounding area to plummet and calls forth a winter snowstorm, as control weather but requiring no concentration. The sleet storm ends immediately if the bottle is destroyed. The control weather effect is likewise ended, though it may take some time for weather to return to normal. The sleet storm otherwise continues as long as the control weather effect does, with the bottle shattering when the control weather effect ends. Sleet and snow from these effects do not bury the blizzard bottle, instead forming a rough pedestal of ice that lifts the blizzard bottle 5 feet above the surface of whatever snow or ice falls. Either of these uses destroys the blizzard bottle.

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