Blood Moon Orb

Wondrous item, fabled (5th-level and higher properties require attunement by a sorcerer, warlock, or wizard) While holding the orb, you have darkvision out to a range of 60 feet. If you already have darkvision, its range increases by 30 feet.

This strange orb is the size of a human’s head, and appears to be crafted from a single piece of glass. No seam or opening is visible, yet the orb is filled with a thick red liquid, which swirls slowly within.

Most female serpentine lamia (see Creature Codex) take part in the Revelry, part sacred ceremony and part frenzied celebration, which occurs on nights of the full moon. Those who partake in these secretive mysteries believe they are possessed and empowered by the mystical power of the very moon itself. Outsiders do not generally learn details of what transpires during these moonlit ceremonies. Although no two Revelries are identical, there are elements in every ceremony which never change. Celebrants participate in chaotic dancing, hypnotic swaying, and frenzied distortions of their serpentine bodies as if seized with madness. Snakes are also typically involved in the Revelry, with participants often wearing them around their bodies or otherwise handling them in various symbolic and proscribed manners. The rite culminates in an ecstatic, mystical fervor and extreme loss of inhibition known as Shiv’ash (literally, “the madness and ecstasy of the moon”). In this state, the lamia lose all self-control. They shout excitedly, shrieking out prophecies, and engage in all manner of debauchery. The Night of the Blood Moon occurs once per year. It is the most sacred of all Revelries-a time when alliances are sealed, blood sacrifices are made, wars are ended, and new matriarchs are chosen. It is during a Night of the Blood Moon long ago that a powerful lamia cult created the blood moon orb.

Little is known about the blood moon orb, save that it contains blood drops from the one hundred sacrifices made that night. It is said the lamia females wished to capture the mystical spirit of the moon itself in the blood moon orb, and some believe they did exactly that.

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